Guest Blogger Alert: Asia by Tash

So I have Awesome News! As you guys may know, i’ve been super busy working for a travel platform, called Travelnoire which has shown me so much about the inner workings of travel, it truly amazes me (but more on that in future blogs).

Yet, this new responsibility takes a lot of time and I can’t quite blog as much as I would like. To my surprise, a few weeks ago I received one of the best emails ever. One of my fellow travel expats and friend Natasha recently returned from an awesome, life changing trip to Asia. She expressed that she would want nothing more than to guest blog about her experiences on TravelByKy which of course I screamed yes! I am so excited to introduce her to you guys. Her trip was amazing and after reading her blog I have extreme wanderlust for Asia.

So join me by welcoming Natasha and lets live vicariously through her travels in Asia. My biggest wish is that you will see how attainable travel across the world can actually be and go for it.



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