Travel Conference Style

So I was playing around with the website Polyvore. I wanted to create cool outfit inspirations for a conference, having just returned from Women In Travel Summit 2015. I struggled with what to wear. I decided on a dress and some leather boots the first day and jeans with a shirt that made a reference to Paris on the second day; which I thought was pretty standard. What I soon learned, when networking and meeting new people, standard is not good enough. At a conference, particularly a casual one, it’s essential to stand out!
Standing out could mean cool hair, a statement necklace, or wearing bright colors. If you are shy, your outfit can do all the talking. People will want to know who you are and where’d you get that from?
One of the first styles I chose below is very comfortable and consists of a graphic tee, some boyfriend jeans, comfy converses and a bag, big enough to hold all of the conference material you will collect throughout the day. I also added a bright yellow cardigan that you can wear if it gets too cold or throw around your waist for fashion sake.
What to wear to a conference
I thought it would make a lot of sense if I included some dress options as well. Dresses are easy to throw on, hassle free and can also be a standout piece. I picked some of the dresses below because they were bright and funky. They also seem casual enough for a travel conference and can be paired with a blazer or a cardigan. Ditch the heels and wear some cute flats for the occasion. These style tips will be a guaranteed head turner.
What to Wear to a Conference

4 Replies to “Travel Conference Style”

  1. Excellent advice! Love the notion of letting your clothes do the talking for you 😉 Will keep this in mind when I head to the AIGA conference in NOLA this October!

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