About Ky

Life after college is confusing. The burden of the real world and time passing by fast can be heavy. Sometimes, all I want to do is be free. Travel is my freedom. It allows me to be my best self and come back to reality rejuvenated and ready to take on the world, my world.

After turning 25, I decided it was time to travel more. How could I know what I wanted out of this world, if I’ve never experienced it for myself? The thought of traveling gets me excited. Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia are all on my bucket list. I revel in the thought of being able to check each and every continent off, one by one.

This blog is important to me because I remember when I started looking into traveling to Europe. I couldn’t find any blogs that I could relate to. I wanted something that helped me plan and execute my trip flawlessly; I wanted to see myself in the travelers. I found nothing. I made a vow that once I concluded my travel, I would create what I was so desperately searching for.

Now that I’ve traveled to 10 countries, I want to see more. I have an addiction and I can’t wait until my next adventure. Writing about these experiences essentially keeps them alive.

Contact me at Travelbyky@gmail.com for any questions or if you want me to talk about something that is not addressed.

Follow me on twitter and instagram @travelbyky and my personal instagram @lifestylebyky.

Sincerely Yours,


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