The Catskills

My colleague from work, sort of like my work mama, mentor, friend, invited me to the Catskills for a weekend at Resort World with her family. I am not a big fan of gambling, but there’s a HUGE CASINO for those that are. I was more interested in the other things I could do at the hotel and there were quite a few. For one, Resort World has an indoor pool that is surrounded by cabanas. There is also a jacuzzi but you have to pay for a daily pass for access to their spa which only $40. We had unlimited access to the saunas, the jacuzzi, and a private pool.

On the hotel property, there is a building where you can do fun activities such as play Top Golf in their Swing Suite, play oversize Connect 4 and Jinga, play pool. You can do all of this while eating tacos and margaritas from Dos Gatos Cantina (their food and drinks are delicious). Surprisingly, my first time at the Catskills Resort World was a blast and I cannot wait to go back.


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