Brooklyn Museum Artist Ball

I’ve always wanted to get dressed up and go to the Brooklyn Museum Artist Ball. For the past few years in April, I would pass by the museum on my walk home from work and see that that the museum was having an extravagant party, which social media later confirmed was the Artist Ball.

The Artist Ball is a themed gala event with proceeds going towards the Brooklyn Museum and its platform for artists. The year I went highlighted David Bowie. As someone who cannot afford the gala portion of the event, I paid about $75 to attend the after-party which is always DJ’d by Swizz Beatz. I danced the night away with my friend Kalisha, to music ranging from Amerie’s One Thing to Palance by JW & Blaze. I would probably attend this event again if the theme was really intriguing, but I found the cost to be extreme for a dance party on a Tuesday night (I would reconsider if it was Friday or Saturday). Overall, it was an unforgettable and fabulous experience.



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