Singapore: A Tourist Behind The Scenes

Hello All! I’m Natasha and I invite you to venture vicariously with me throughout Singapore!

Hello Asia! For those of you who have never been to Asia I am saying hello for you too; specifically to Singapore and if you’re anything like I used to be, you have no idea where to find this country on the map. So join me in these next few post to explore this tiny country and just some of the wonders it has to offer 🙂

First things first, Singapore is pretty much half way around the world from those of us in the West and its a tiny, highly populated country on the very bottom of Malaysia (don’t worry, I’ve included a map). But please don’t be fooled by its size because what this country lacks in land mass, it most definitely makes up in culture.

map-singapore While this little gem offers many resource, giving you tons of reasons to travel over ten thousand miles to visit, my main reason was family. My nephew was graduating from high school and it was literally my last call to experience Singapore before my family’s return to the States. The pro to visiting my family abroad was that I got the inside scoop of Singapore from these well seasoned expats. Fortunately for me, they didn’t disclose all of the treasures of this country which allowed me to get the tourist eye view as well.

Staying with family meant looking for hotels would just be one less thing for me to worry about but I still had to find flights, build an itinerary and pack.


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