Grab a bag and Get Ready, Set, Go!

Can I get a window seat…don’t want no body next to me -Erykah Badu

Although I was traveling in May, the climate in Singapore is pretty consistent and usually warm. Cotton shirts, light colors, sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhats, and a cardigan or two, no real need for a bathing suit though, unless you plan to hit the pool (Singapore isn’t known for its beaches). Whilst the outside temperatures can be warm, inside is a different story. Everywhere you go is air conditioned, so pack for the warm temps but bring a coverup that you can throw on just in case.

Tasha Tip: When visiting Singapore, pack for a warm climate (it’s very similar to the Caribbean climate wise) humid and warm most days.

The weight limits for suitcases weren’t a big concern for me however most airlines limit you to 50lbs /22kg. Surprisingly I only packed one large suitcase and one carry on, to hold me over for the week that I was there.

Since I was traveling on a plane for over 20 hours, it was important to pack the ultimate essentials. My In flight survivor pack consisted of the following:

  1. Eye patch, when flying westward for 20 hours I encountered about 12+ hours of daylight
  2. Reading Material: Magazines, Ipad, books etc
  3. Phone games
  4. Charger: usually just the USB cord
  5. Snacks: make sure to rack up on as much snacks as you can before your flight. Those in flight meals and peanuts are not gonna cut it. : /
  6. Neck pillow and blanket: it can get pretty cold up in the clouds

And we’re off…….

One flight down, two more to go! #CaliforniaTarmacSelfies
Delta’s in-flight tracker. This thing helped me keep my sanity 😉

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