How to Pack for Dubai

Packing for Dubai was not easy. I struggled with the idea of wearing long sleeves and long skirts in 90+ degree weather. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry and I avoided packing any shorts or belly shirts. I packed long skirts, maxi dresses, 2-pairs of jeans and leggings, scarves of different colors and a jeans jacket to cover up. I also packed some tank tops and regular t-shirts, some vests, and mid-length dresses. For nightlife, I packed a few dresses that reached my knees and wore a mini skirt for Valentine’s Day. I made sure to keep my shoulders covered at all times.

At night if you dress overly revealing men will mistake you for a prostitute and you don’t want that. I made sure to be respectful of their code of dress, as offending these people would surely be uncomfortable. In terms of my shoes, I packed a pair of converse, which became my best friend, so comfortable; some flip flops and sandals, 3-pairs of heels, although I only used 2, and my new snakeskin flats from Zaras. In terms of beachwear, I wore bikinis but I packed a one-piece just in case. I also had cover-ups. This time around, I made sure not to overpack. I actually did really well. I continued using my zip lock bag strategy in which I pack my clothes in zip locks and poke holes in them. My suitcase only weighed 20 pounds and I had everything I needed and more. In terms of shopping, I didn’t do much shopping for this trip beforehand. Mostly everything I wore, I already owned. I also knew I would be able to do a lot of shopping while there.

Ky Tip:

Remember to pack the following:

  • Scarves
  • As women, your shoulders and knees must be covered.
  • At night, the dress code is less strict.
  • An international Charger. Dubai uses the same charger that’s used in the UK.
  • Sun Screen and Sun Glasses are a must. The Sun is extra hot.
  • Water Bottles, you’re going to need it although your hotel may provide.
  • A good size everyday purse to walk around with.
  • For my fashionistas, a designer purse-those native Middle Eastern women can dress. They may be covered in their Abaya’s but all their purses are designer Chanel, Fendi, Gucci.

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Grab a bag and Get Ready, Set, Go!

Can I get a window seat…don’t want no body next to me -Erykah Badu

Although I was traveling in May, the climate in Singapore is pretty consistent and usually warm. Cotton shirts, light colors, sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhats, and a cardigan or two, no real need for a bathing suit though, unless you plan to hit the pool (Singapore isn’t known for its beaches). Whilst the outside temperatures can be warm, inside is a different story. Everywhere you go is air conditioned, so pack for the warm temps but bring a coverup that you can throw on just in case.

Tasha Tip: When visiting Singapore, pack for a warm climate (it’s very similar to the Caribbean climate wise) humid and warm most days.

The weight limits for suitcases weren’t a big concern for me however most airlines limit you to 50lbs /22kg. Surprisingly I only packed one large suitcase and one carry on, to hold me over for the week that I was there.

Since I was traveling on a plane for over 20 hours, it was important to pack the ultimate essentials. My In flight survivor pack consisted of the following:

  1. Eye patch, when flying westward for 20 hours I encountered about 12+ hours of daylight
  2. Reading Material: Magazines, Ipad, books etc
  3. Phone games
  4. Charger: usually just the USB cord
  5. Snacks: make sure to rack up on as much snacks as you can before your flight. Those in flight meals and peanuts are not gonna cut it. : /
  6. Neck pillow and blanket: it can get pretty cold up in the clouds

And we’re off…….

One flight down, two more to go! #CaliforniaTarmacSelfies
Delta’s in-flight tracker. This thing helped me keep my sanity 😉

10 Overseas Travel Prep Tips

It’s officially summer folks, which means a lot of us are traveling. Having recently come back from an extensive overseas trip, I have some valuable tips that I want to share with you if you are planning on traveling this season:

1. Passport

Don’t forget your passport. This is probably the most important identification you will have for your trip. Make sure you allow enough time to get a new or renewed passport if need be.

2. Pack Light

With the hikes in baggage prices, avoid overpacking your bags.

3. Exchange your Money before you Leave

The exchange companies overseas will charge fees like you have never seen before. Please avoid them by all costs (pun intended). Also, get a list from your bank of their affiliations with any other bank in the country you are traveling to so you can easily retrieve money without high-cost fees and exchange rates.

4. Research

Do your research on any country you are visiting. I can’t emphasize this enough. A lot of countries all over the world operate differently from us in the United States. There are so many blogs, book stores, google maps, and review sites like Trip Advisor and travel agents out there that can assist with all the information you will need for your upcoming trip. Use these resources; it’s so vital.

5. Itinerary

Probably the most important piece of paper you will have is an itinerary or a breakdown of how your trip should go (even though a few changes may occur). Make sure to have a list of places you are visiting, dates, hotel names and addresses, phone numbers, confirmations, etc. Everything you will need to survive while out of the country should be included on this list.

6. Download Important Apps

There are amazing travel apps out there for smartphone users. On my recent trip to Europe, I downloaded “What’s App” as a means of texting and MagicJack to make international phone calls to my family for free. It’s amazing what you can discover on the App Store.

7. Know the basics

If you are traveling to a country that speaks a foreign language, know the basics words such as hello, good-bye, how much? Where’s the bathroom? So you can communicate with the locals

8. Maps of Train Systems

I think it’s very important to get familiar with different countries’ metro systems (before traveling) so you won’t get lost or overwhelmed. Also using the trains can help save money on otherwise expensive taxicabs.

9. Beware of Pickpockets and Robbers

It seems as if tourists have an invisible sign on their forehead which says “ROB ME.” Some people can spot a tourist from a mile away and with that being said, it’s always wise to be cautious of your belongings, your purse if you are a lady and your passport. You would never want an ideal vacation to go sour because something was stolen from you…what a nightmare.

10. Be Open-Minded

Indulging in another culture unlike your own could be frightening. However, you have to go into an experience wanting to take it to the fullest. Let your hair down and enjoy the lifestyle of foreign cultures. Try different foods, dance in the streets, sleep in, relax and just enjoy life. You never know what you will learn and you may also discover, people across the world are just like you in a lot of ways.

Kydee Williams

Bag Lady: Tips and Tricks for Packing

I HATE PACKING…but I’ve never had to pack for a two-week vacation (The Horror). Initially, I was going to buy a new suitcase for my trip. I saw IT-Lightweight luggage at TJ Maxx one day and immediately fell in love. It was a measly 4pounds and meant that I could probably fit more clothes in my suitcase without going over 50 pounds. Eventually, after much thought I decided against it; I spent too much money on the trip already and at this point, I needed to focus on saving for it.


When I got home I began to pack all of my things in a large suitcase, yet it seemed like the suitcase itself was heavier than my clothes. I downsized literally 2-hours before my flight to a smaller version. It was probably the best decision I made for myself. In total I carried a:

  • Medium suitcase
  • Book Bag with Wheels
  • Purse-which was more like a second carry on

Switching my suitcase now meant squeezing all my clothes in by any means necessary. I had shirts inside of heels and wore two jackets on the plane. I basically packed all my clothes in large Zip Lock bags and poked holes in each of them to release the air (each bag was separated by the outfit I would wear in each country). The zip lock strategy worked out but to be honest by the end of the trip it was hard to keep up with. An approximate list of things I carried is below:

Suit Case

  • About 10 Day outfits
  • 5 Night Outfits
  • 3 Jackets (Winter, Raincoat, Leather)
  • 3 Sexy Shirts for the night
  • 2 Leggings
  • 2 Jeans
  • 1 Overalls
  • 2 Sweaters
  • 8 Shoes boots and sneakers

 Carry On

  • Ipad (A waste, I didn’t use it one time)
  • Passport holder and passport
  • A pen for documentation
  • ID besides a passport
  • Converter-London and Europe plugs are different
  • 2 Travel books
  • A Journal
  • Maps
  • Makeup
  • Gum
  • Tooth Brush
  • Undies
  • Extra Pair of Clothes
  • Sneakers

To be honest I over packed. I packed two pairs of black boots and only ended up wearing one. I also packed three heels and ended up wearing two. My advice: less is more when it comes to shoes

Ky’s Travel Tips

  1. Pack light, in the words of Erykah Badu. Next time I travel to Europe, I will be taking 2 bags instead of three. It becomes too much of a hassle trying to keep up with all that luggage…it’s just super annoying
  2. Also invest in a Bungee for luggage which is a sort of elastic rope that allows you to hold in place any sized carry on, on top of your luggage
  3. Iron clothes before you leave, as European hotels have a weird policy that doesn’t allow irons in the hotel rooms
  4. I bought a lock for my luggage but didn’t end up using it. Don’t be like me and take that risk, use the lock because you never know who’s rummaging through your stuff

Before Leaving for Europe Remember:

  1. Remember to switch your phone to an international service or else you will have no way to contact your loved ones
  2. Remember to download What’s App and MagicJack to call and text internationally

Kydee Williams


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