How to Pack for Dubai

Packing for Dubai was not easy. I struggled with the idea of wearing long sleeves and long skirts in 90+ degree weather. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry and I avoided packing any shorts or belly shirts. I packed long skirts, maxi dresses, 2-pairs of jeans and leggings, scarves of different colors and a jeans jacket to cover up. I also packed some tank tops and regular t-shirts, some vests, and mid-length dresses. For nightlife, I packed a few dresses that reached my knees and wore a mini skirt for Valentine’s Day. I made sure to keep my shoulders covered at all times.

At night if you dress overly revealing men will mistake you for a prostitute and you don’t want that. I made sure to be respectful of their code of dress, as offending these people would surely be uncomfortable. In terms of my shoes, I packed a pair of converse, which became my best friend, so comfortable; some flip flops and sandals, 3-pairs of heels, although I only used 2, and my new snakeskin flats from Zaras. In terms of beachwear, I wore bikinis but I packed a one-piece just in case. I also had cover-ups. This time around, I made sure not to overpack. I actually did really well. I continued using my zip lock bag strategy in which I pack my clothes in zip locks and poke holes in them. My suitcase only weighed 20 pounds and I had everything I needed and more. In terms of shopping, I didn’t do much shopping for this trip beforehand. Mostly everything I wore, I already owned. I also knew I would be able to do a lot of shopping while there.

Ky Tip:

Remember to pack the following:

  • Scarves
  • As women, your shoulders and knees must be covered.
  • At night, the dress code is less strict.
  • An international Charger. Dubai uses the same charger that’s used in the UK.
  • Sun Screen and Sun Glasses are a must. The Sun is extra hot.
  • Water Bottles, you’re going to need it although your hotel may provide.
  • A good size everyday purse to walk around with.
  • For my fashionistas, a designer purse-those native Middle Eastern women can dress. They may be covered in their Abaya’s but all their purses are designer Chanel, Fendi, Gucci.

IMG_9695 IMG_9694

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