My Hotels In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

None of our hotels were more than $300 a night. All of our hotels were 5-star hotels. It’s not unusual in Dubai for most of the hotels to be rated 5-star and above. It was cheaper for us to stay at two hotels in Dubai as opposed to one hotel for 4 nights. This cut our costs significantly. It also allowed us to see how other hotels operated. We chose our hotels according to our activities.

Jumeirah Emirates Tower was in Downtown Dubai but it had a free shuttle bus to their private beach at their Jumeirah Beach Resort and we wanted to utilize this luxury. Al Murooj Rotana was right across the road from the Dubai Mall. It couldn’t have been more than a 6-minute walk and the Dubai Mall was a sight to see. In Abu Dhabi, Capital Gate was just a funky hotel and it was at the center of everything, we couldn’t help but choose this hotel because the architecture alone speaks volumes.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Ky Rating: 9

Jumeirah was probably my favorite hotel. Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, I now know what 5-star service feels like. At check-in, you are greeted with a hot towel and delicious cold tea. I don’t even like tea but this was good. The check-in is smooth and I was able to pay in full since I used my debit card, which was exactly what I liked. The hotel is adorned with transparent elevators that swoosh through the floors fast like lightening. It’s so weird to be in those things. We were on the 19th floor. Our room was a mini-suite (in our eyes) although it could’ve been a regular hotel room to them. It had a bath and shower with a Jumeirah Rubber Duckie with shades on. The rooms had 2-full sized beds, with a lounge area and business desk area that could be turned into a vanity. For the first day of your stay, you can have complimentary breakfast; a beautiful buffet with delicious food from nations all over the world. The restaurant overlooks the pool and hot tub area, which we didn’t have any time to check out due to our hectic schedule. You also have your choice of the local newspaper (in English). On our second day at the hotel, we decided to access their Beach Resort facilities. A shuttle picks you up in the lobby and drops you to either Jumeirah’s private beach or their water park-your choice. We chose the beach which was located right next to the private beach of Burj Al Arab (one of the only 7-star hotels in the world). If ever I doubted that I was actually in Dubai, this moment reiterated it to me. Taking a nap on the beach and waking up to see Burj Al Arab in front of me, was a dream…was I dreaming? We also utilized the Jumeirah’s Beach resort nightlife. They have a 360 Bar which we went to that night as well. An amazing experience.

IMG_9771 IMG_9767 IMG_9765 IMG_9761 IMG_9763IMG_9897


Al Murooj Rotana

Ky Rating: 6

After staying at a place like Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Al Murooj Rotana was kind of…blah. But let me try to avoid being bias. Al Murooj check-in added on extra fees to your card for incidentals which I did not like. Their WiFi is limited and only allows 2-devices to sign on in the room at a time. The hotel is beautiful, you can’t miss it. It looks like a palace but is in need of a slight paint job. They have an amazing brunch on Fridays with hip hop music which is a plus. There’s construction going on across the street and the sight of a big yellow crane was our room view. The hotel is located so close to the Dubai Mall you can walk. That is also a huge plus. The rooms in the hotel were decent. Typical hotel room, a bit outdated. The sheets didn’t feel clean. You also had to tell the housekeepers to change your sheets and towels daily, it wasn’t an automatic thing. The hotel lobby smells like fresh flowers. The pool area is restricted. Men and Women must utilize the pool at separate times-not together. Very traditional hotel.

IMG_0242IMG_0244IMG_0246IMG_0245 Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

Ky Rating: 9

The architecture of this hotel is nothing like I have ever seen before. It defies description. I can’t explain, you have to see it for yourself. You can’t miss it. You can see this hotel a mile away, shining in its glory even in the day time. The price is worth it as well. The hotel is just as beautiful inside as it is outside. The room was dashing. We had a large king bed and they brought an extra twin bed since it was three of us. The room had a funky chaise lounge with abstract printed pillows. The bathroom was huge and overlooked the landscape of Abu Dhabi. It was also equipped with a tub and shower. I loved the tub although I did a little slip and slide a few times. The pool was on a deck on the 19th floor. It also overlooked the city. It had a hot tub connected to the pool and it was 1.45 meters or 4ft deep. We dedicated a whole afternoon to relax at the pool and it was so hard to leave. The one thing I didn’t like about this hotel was that you had to go on the 18th floor to check-in and you also had to take 2-elevators to your room. Otherwise, this hotel is awesome and very chic.

IMG_1171 IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1187 IMG_1189 IMG_1190 IMG_0665 IMG_0666 IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0669 IMG_0673 IMG_0884Ky Tip: All the hotels in the UAE want the passport of each of the guests staying at the hotel. Even of the visitors. Make sure you are prepared for this.

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