Singapore’s Attractions

As far as tourist attractions goes, Gardens By The Bay is one of Singapore’s most beautiful displays. Holding true to its name and located in Singapore’s Marina Bay, the gardens found here contain plants and flowers from species found all over the world. Some coming from as far as Australia, and others modeling attractions from other countries such as the Eiffel tower in France.




Walking through the inside of this gigantic flower mountain you can learn about all of the various species actually being grown along the outside.
The beauty of this attraction was that these giant stalks collected rain water which supplied over 50% of the water used for the gardens.

If you want to get somewhat of a bird’s eye view of how gorgeous Singapore city is during the day take a ride on the Singapore Flyer; one of Singapore’s most famous attractions, this high flying ferris wheel takes you 541 feet in the air to witness the beauty and activity of the Marina Bay.



A side view of the Marina Bay a Sands Resort


From this point you can spy other attractions such as the Merlion which is Singapore’s national symbol. The statue with the head of a lion and the body of a fish represents the sea from Singapore’s origins as a fishing village and a lion from its original name “Singapura” which means Lion City. Replicas of this image can be found all over the city and on many of the local knick knacks.

IMG_0925Another popular sight is the Marina Bay Sands, this breathtaking resort host some of the most prestigious elements of Singapore’s tourist high life. Sadly for me I didn’t get to go inside but it is was still a beautiful sight at sunset and the night time laser show was amazing.


IMG_0924One of the most amazing nights of my Singapore trip was spent at the Fullerton Hotel. Some friends of the family were having a 50th birthday party and to say the event was anything short of amazing would be an understatement. The hotel was across from The Marina Bay Sands and The Merlion. After taking in these two sites we enjoyed dinner on the balcony of the a wonderful boat house restaurant right across the street.


The night time Marina laser show is one of the beauties of this site and creates a spectacular view.

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