I Traveled to Dubai for $200

Would you believe me if I told you I only spent $200 for my ticket to Dubai? Not many would, but I did. How? The answer is simple, there’s no theory, no special time you have to book or strategy, just two simple words: Glitch Fare. On Christmas morning 2014, I was at my friend’s Holiday Party when I saw a deal break out, $187 to go to Asia and/or Africa via TravelNoire. I hurried home and booked Dubai at 3:30AM. I almost booked South Africa as well, but I knew, taking two extensive trips in one year with my new position at work would be troublesome (there’s always next year).

The next morning, I informed some of my friends about my good luck in hopes that they would catch the same deal. Some did, some didn’t. With these kinds of fares, you may have one hour tops before it goes away. Glitch Fares or deals like this happen a couple times a year (if that). It’s when an airline charges an extremely low amount for a fare, sometimes by accident and once these fares are purchased you run the risk of the airline honoring the deal or not. Etihad honored this flight deal. Tickets for Dubai would usually run a person $800-1200+ so to get a ticket for significantly less than that was a risk. You have to think fast, no time for planning, just figure it all out later and book. That’s what I did and it was the greatest rush I’ve ever felt. I was going to Dubai. To be more precise, I was going to Dubai in 2-months. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was capable of seeing the UAE in my 20’s maybe my 30’s but 20s….No…you have to be rich to see such a place…right? I would soon find out, I couldn’t be more wrong,


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