The Impact of COVID-19

I am a homebody. I love being home with my family, talking to friends, reading books and laying in my bed. However, I never imagined a day where I would be quarantined to my home by the government, yet here we are. I choose to look at this as a good thing. A blessing of some sort, to start doing the things that I love again, while being sensitive to those who are truly suffering from COVID-19 and constantly praying for them.

Just as much as I love my home, I love to travel and explore. I love visiting new places and sharing all about it. This was the very reason I started this blog. The busyness of life got in the way of me sharing my travel stories that I’ve had in my arsenal since 2018. TWO WHOLE YEARS! Now, I have no excuse. Although I am still working and (working very hard), I have more time to dedicate myself to my true passions. My love for blogging was overshadowed by my job and life’s responsibilities but I am hoping this situation will bring us all peace. I am hoping it will allow us to be still and refocus on the things we truly love and have been ignoring.

I don’t want my next couple of posts that I share to feel insensitive or out of touch since we can’t go out, but more as a source of hope and inspiration for when we go out again. Let’s all look forward to the days when we will be able to talk to people, explore places and travel again. It may seem like a long time from now but I have hope that we will be able to have social experiences again. I am also hopeful this situation will help us to exercise more love and compassion for one another. Life is a gift. People are gifts and we should not take advantage of each other.

2 Replies to “The Impact of COVID-19”

  1. HI KYDEE!!!

    Missing you and so thrilled to read this update. We should plan a virtual wine date sometime soon to catch up. I’d love to hear about all things going on in your universe.

    Sending love and light your way!

    Stay safe, Phoebe

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