Road Trip to the Grand Canyon

I’ve been to Las Vegas many times, so on my last trip, it was really important for me to experience the things I’ve never done before…I am over the Vegas strip. Sam and I took a road trip to the Grand Canyon and we had a beautiful time.


Arizona was a destination that I’ve dreamed about visiting ever since I watched Waiting to Exhale and its beauty still leaves me breathless when I think about it. The views are divine. The colors of the mountains offset by the sunset will make your think that you are in another world.

I desperately wanted to visit the Grand Canyon but guess what? I was terrified. When did I become so afraid of heights? I visited the Sky Walk and cried when I realized that I was standing on glass and could see the depths of the mountains (4,000 feet below to be exact). I was on a mind-trip thinking that the glass would break and catapult me to my….I will not say it. Apparently, the skywalk is strong enough to hold 70 fully loaded 747 jets. I still cried. Sam grabbed my hand and made me conqueror my fear. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take photos on the skywalk or even bring your cell phone for that matter; they have lockers where you leave your shoes and your belongings.


I was surprised that there were no barriers around the canyon by the skywalk. There was security but people were trying to take risky photos on the edge of the canyon and it really gave me anxiety. Is an Instagramable photo really worth that danger? However, I did not let my angst ruin my trip. The beauty I experienced in Arizona makes me desperately want to return.



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