Toronto for Caribana

Oh Toronto! My Toronto Caribana weekend experience was unique from the start. I went to celebrate my friend Taurie’s 30th birthday. Unlike normal people, I decided to channel my childhood road trips and take the Megabus to Toronto. Back in the day, we used to take the greyhound to Niagara Falls when I was a kid and it was such a fun experience, but as an adult, it’s definitely not fun at all. My friend, Danielle, and I got separated and I ended up sitting next to a Jamaican woman who guilted me into sharing my blanket with her – she said: “God would want you to share…” About 9-hours into the ride, something went terribly wrong with the AC and a slew of water, like a storm, started pouring on us. We were soaked for the rest of the ride and it was freezing on the bus.


When we finally got to Toronto, Danielle and I realized we never asked Taurie for the hotel address. The weekend was filled with plenty more of these hiccups, some that I can laugh about now but I would totally go back to Toronto for carnival. The parties were vibrant, fun, and non-stop, from day-to-night.


My teenage dreams came to life when Bobby Valentino and Pretty Ricky did a surprise performance at one of the parties we went to. Next time I go to Toronto Carnival, I want to play mas.


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