48-Hours in Los Angeles

I went to Los Angeles for my friend Sai’s 30th birthday and we did all of the trendy LA things you could do in 48-hours. Sai just wanted to spend her birthday like a local but we added in a few touristy experiences. See some of our itinerary below:

Ky Tip: I fell in love with Chris Brown’s song “No Guidance.” If you want to hear and feel the vibes of this trip, listen to this song while you read this blog.

Hike Runyon Canyon: How accomplished do you feel after hiking that trail? I always feel like this is an obligatory thing to do.


Brunch at Gracias Madre: According to the website Gracias Madre is described as Meatless Mexican fare, all vegan & organic, plus a big tequila & drink menu, in a chic space. The food was so healthy and they had blankets at the table if you got cold. I fell in absolute love with the ambiance.

Photoshoots Just Because 


Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar: If I can describe Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar in three words, I would say swanky, funky, and amazing views. Okay, that’s more than three words but you get the point. Why is everyone in LA so cool?


Breakfast/Brunch at Delilah: Delilah brings a modern approach to the vibes of the roaring ‘20s. Lavish chandeliers hang overhead and olive green furniture offer increased comfort to the guest according to the website, this is very true to form. Apparently, at night there is a dancing aspect but we did not get to see that. However, the music was amazing here. I didn’t like what I ordered for breakfast, the bacon was gross (and this is not their fault entirely) I don’t know why I ordered bacon, I’m trying to ween myself off of it.


Attend a rooftop day party at EP & LP :

The day party we went to was probably one of my fave experiences. The views of the Hollywood Hills were breathtaking.


Visit the Museum of Selfies

The Museum of Selfies is a really cool experience, kind of narcissistic but fun nonetheless. Each room was an outrageous setup that encouraged you to take selfies. Of course, selfie sticks are a part of the experience.

In-N-Out Burger: 

In-N-Out Burger is obligatory. You cannot leave LA without a pit stop here. 

Overall, this was a fun and quick girls trip, and I hope some of the things that I listed will end up on your itinerary too!


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